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Love ya girl, I e-amiled you a present. Hope you like it!


Wow. Every word is such truth. I have had the same experience driving. And it IS a metaphor for life. Now, I tell myself....if I just sit still for a second, it will change. And it usually does. Hold on to that, honey. Hold on.


What a POWERFUL message Kath. With the news of people passing or committing suicide due to Lyme these past few weeks, it has been on my mind too. I love how you put it...it may be the worst day of my life, but the next day...if I hold on...could be the best. Love you, my friend. Can't wait to get home and catch up. XO


Right around the corner... there's dinner with Saima! =P
and who knows?
Maybe some elephants...


You have a very pleasant voice - I hate the way my voice sounds on tape or a recording, it always sounds nicer in my head. So very nice to 'hear' you...and you are correct, as chronic patients of something, we all live with the hope that tomorrow will be better.

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