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Lynn Garcia

Very funny, I a dark comedy kind of way ,, I am picturing him and laughing right now, you must have been like what the heck is he doing? Lol. Oh ok he is healed , crazy


I'm sorry things didn't quite go according to plan, but at least you got a good laugh over it! While I do, somewhat, agree with him, I think you might want to invest in a second opinion. Or, go the cheaper route and have a date with a Lyme friend. Here's hoping each day is better than the previous. Love you girl!


Oh my gosh, Kathy. That is pure insanity. He is obviously not empathetic and should probably get a new career.

For you, I completely understand the depression, despair, feeling isolated, no one understands (except for other lyme disease sufferers). You just needed to vent, share, talk. You needed someone who would listen to you. Really listen.

Alter Everything

Thanks, Laina. Yes. I don't discount some of what he said. Herbs CAN be great. Alternative ways to deal with depression ARE helpful (many Lyme friends use EFT at home and find it comforting). It was just completely surreal on my end. No sooner did I say I feel like nobody listens and I was tired of advice then he imposed the exact same thing. Then to hear his Lyme treatment bias on top of it...when he's clearly exhibiting neurological, muskularskelatol, and infectious symptoms (along with having a history). Too MUCH!!!

Alter Everything

Yes, Lynn. Johnny Darko.

Totally, Michele. It took a lot for me to call him and while I admire his commitment to not providing therapy not focused on allowing patients to wallow in their misery, I would have appreciated him keeping his bias out of the mix and just taking the time to listen.


Oh you poor girl. Their is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING worse than seeking out a therapist and ending up with one who is in worse shape than we are.

Oh my gawd, you must've been thinking you were catapulted into the Twilight Zone.

I actually laughed out loud with the EFT thing. I've tried it. I've studied it. I have 15 DVD's that teach you how to do it. It helps somewhat with menstrual cramps and normal everyday stresses. Lyme? Erhlichia? Bartonella? Parasites? Not so much.

I also invested $2500 on a neuroliguistic programming course to attempt to retrain my brain into being normal again. for 3 months I spoke at 9-10 o'clock at night with a guy from Austrailia who was considered the world's greatest NLP practitioner.
Epic fail.
Major waste of time and money.

I am so frustrated for you. Such a shame we dig down so deep for help when we are so weak, and have to weed through a maze of bozos to find it.

Alter Everything

I've tried EFT too. Like you, I definitely thinks it's good for anxiety...possibly even pain (that just wasn't my experience this time). As I mentioned to him, if I going to spend money on that kind of stuff right now I would be probably doing Acupuncture again (helped me a lot. It's just expensive). I also know and use limited NLP in coaching (the power of the mind is not lost on me). But 24 hours to cure something eating away at my brain and organs (not to mention infections and viruses)....GIVE ME A BREAK!! Besides...I wasn't there for another protocol recommendation (especially from someone who doesn't even understand the difference between BB, Enrhilichia, and parasites). I was there to get some coping skills, to talk about creating a future, to get empowered, discuss my life options. Uugh...


I'm so glad you wrote this! I still can't believe it. What are the odds???

Alter Everything

I don't think it would be AS funny...had we not had the conversation on the phone just before I went in. I swear, I can smell sickness a mile away now. A new gift...Lyme spotting superpower. LOL. Anyway, at least it was good for a smile.

Robyn Barnes

Craziness! Are you "attracting" Lyme sufferers now? I'm glad you at least found some humor in the situation.

Being heard is so valuable, isn't it? Even if the other person doesn't get exactly what you're going through, just to have someone hear how it's beyond difficult/depressing/discouraging for YOU makes a difference. Don't stop looking until you find the person, or people, who can give you what you need!


I certainly applaud you for having the courage to pick up the phone and call his office in the first place. I hope you won't think that he's a good representation of all the mental health field. While there are a lot of great therapists/psychologists out there, there are a lot of bad ones, too. I hope (if it feels right to you) that you pick up the phone and try someone else.

Alter Everything

Thanks, Robyn and Max. Yes. I am slowly realizing just listening is the biggest gift you can give somebody. I know there are good therapists out there. I have a good friend in MN who's going to give me some tips about what to do when looking for a new one. I definitely won't be seeing anyone again without interviewing first. Thanks for reading and commenting. Just being able to talk about it and be heard really makes a difference. XOXOXO


I got a lot of of your story. I'm still thinking.... Jules

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