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Lynn Garcia

Thanks, I feel like a wimp today and trying to be strong, my son is staying in Tampa hotel we drive him to the base in the morning. I was not supposed to be here I thought I said my Good byes, then he said "mom. Why don't you come with dad? So here I am . How do you sleep tonite, knowing he is going across the world, to a desert protecting the base on Camp Patriot. Temperature is 120 . As a mom I am saying drink alot of water , wear sunscreen etc. Inside I am saying "I gotta stay healthy to be able to help his wife and baby". I have alot to do,I don't have time to be sick xo


I love this! Thanks for putting everything into perspective Kathy. You are my hero! :)


Beautiful, Kathy Tagz :) You are my hero.

PS I love the deviantart pic. I didn't know they were still around!? I used to get all my skins from them back in 2002.

Alter Everything

Lynn...You are the bravest wimp I know. Thank you for all you do for us, your son, and your family. You are so very, very loved. XOXOX

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