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{{{{You're the best }}}}}

I've been stuck in #1 and #5 today. Again.


Been there. Funny thing is, being stuck is a choice to. Soooo many options. Which will you choose? I love you, Pam. Today, I am choosing 3 and 4.


I have really struggled with this lately. People that are aware of what I'm going through, but don't call, email or text to see I'm doing, if we need anything. I imagine I have been in their shoes before and have acted similarly. It makes me passionate about being more present to friends needs. Of course, right now, I can barely take care of myself or my kids, but it's a goal. :) This week I've been in the...Screw 'em, I'm moving forward with or without 'em, because that's the only way I can survive. :)

Alter Everything

I'm so sorry, honey. Everyone could learn a thing or two about being a better friend if they were sick for a bit. This is where the phrase "You don't get it 'til you get it" comes from. That said, you've always been a wonderful friend to me. I Love you. Better Days are coming. PROMisE!!!

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