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Oh man. I'm so bummed! That is the day we are having Kennedy's birthday party. Have a WONDERFUL time! I can't wait to hear all about it. :)


Good. Then you will already be celebrating. :) Perhaps you can join in online...


I have school ALMOST every Saturday of my freaking life...
But I might get out early enough to be late to your party :)
Either way, I will make sure goodies arrive.
From me, to you - with love <3


Bring Lisa too or have her come and wait. Late is fine. Just say when.


I will be there. I have it already on my calendar. Can't wait to make that special treat. What a great reason to bake.

Lynn Garcia

I will be there, but please remind me or post in events so I don't forget my alzheimers brain is back ,,, I would love it and I also want to get together more often. I don't know if it is me or we haven't gotten together lately. Marias birthday is this weekend and I know she wanted to have a Lyme gathering I am waiting for her. I have been foggy and should have organized something sooner! Thank you so much ! Look forward to it


YAY! Denise. YAY Lynn!

Yes...I will send out a reminder. It will be nice to see you!

Paula Smith

Really sounds like fun:) Would LOVE to meet people (in person) who actually do understand. We'll be in Pittsburgh seeing our Lyme doc. Thanks for the links about the bakeries, tho; we have nothing like that in Lakeland. We can get fresh baked bread, but that's it:) Y'all have a great time!!


I will be there!


I will be there in person with my gluten-free, sugar-free treat!!! Really looking forward to seeing you. Love, Jennifer

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