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Wow. I'm speechless. This touched me beyond words. -Juliana

Anita A

I love this! It touched me deeply.


I love this and love you. Am tempted to repost the postsecret image as well. So sad but so true. <3


@ Juliana...:)
@ Anita--Glad you loved it. Thanks for reading.
@ Lorelie--I love you too! Please repost. Juliana passed it to me. Now I pass it to you. BTW: If you need to talk, let me know. I voted for you to win your retreat and hope you are well. XOXOX


This is beautiful!


Thanks, Raine. Juliana is beautiful! She is as sick as can be, but yet she takes time to cheer me up and send me notes. Some people are truly amazing.

Masala Chica

Raine - I am so sorry to hear about your Lyme disease. A good friend of mine, Glennon (www.momastery.blogspot.com) also talks about her struggles with that - I know how much of a challenge it has made simple things for her in her life. I came about you via Juliana - so sad to hear what her past ten months have been like. Hoping you both share your strength together . . .

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