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I'm so sorry Kathy. I pray it leads to answers!


Bless your heart. Ugggg.
When I had mine ( three of them ), I got a washcloth over my eyes so I couldn't see. It helped me to not know I was closed in. then my sister was allowed to stand at my feet and rub them. That physical contact helped me know I wasn't all the way in and that help was right ther if I needed it. I would never be able to do this without the ear plugs, washcloth and somebody touching my feet.

LMAO at the demonstration of what it sounded like.

About a year ago, some nut got an MRI and neglected to tell anybody she was carrying a gun. She was a cop. The MRI machine sucked her right to the side and wouldn't let her go. They had to shut down the machine ( apparently they are never turned off because it damages the machine. You can't just turn them off and turn them back on ) and took several hours for a repair guy to come to the rescue. Cost about $400,000 to fix the machine.


yes I remember this experience all too well. I didn't go elsewhere. But I did keep reminding myself I would live through it. I kept telling myself it was just loud, that's all. There's just casing around my head but a lot of space on the other side of the casing.
You ARE a champ with medical testing. MRI's have got to be in the top 5 of most excruciating.


I've had my share of MRIs of my brain for my migraines - definitely not fun. My longest one was around 40 minutes and I was well into panic stage by the end of it!

Robyn Barnes

Never had an MRI...sounds scary and thinking about the tube makes me breathe a little funny. So glad you were able to find a way through it!

Having had two babies with no pain meds I can say that you could definitely get good at self-hypnosis with a little more practice. If you sensed/felt a difference in 5 minutes with no real training you could get really good at it with a more focused script. Then it may *actually* be a pain management tool for you! But it does take practice.


:( claustrophobia isn't fun. While I haven't experienced it, I have experienced the MRI face-shield a couple of times. I did manage to sleep through the last one I had. It took over an hour, and in the last minute I twitched and they had to start from scratch again. Never noticed, and continued on with my impromptu nap. 1.5 hours later, I was gently woken up and sent on my merry way.

You're a trooper for sticking it out Kat.

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