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Great post Laina! Kathy, soooo happy you are having a GOOD day! ENJOY!


Hi Laina,
That is such a common story! I had clear disc herniations and still had people say "so what?". Now, multiple herniated discs in my neck and back, as well as fibro, depression, constant pain, and I'm given the evil eye from my insurer for being unable to work. I get that there are some druggies out there who seek meds, but what about those of us who are legitimately ill? The lack of empathy, or even sympathy from physicians is so disheartening. And the fact that I'm in my 30s should make them take it more seriously instead of saying. "Oh, but you are so young". Hang in there Laina!! I haven't found anything that works long term, but sometimes the acupuncture makes that day bearable, other times its the warm water pool therapy that works. Just keep on trying it all...and enjoy the good days!!

Robyn Barnes

Great job, Laina! Thanks for giving Kathy a day off. Hope you both had good days today!


Thanks Melissa. :)

Kathy, thank you for posting this! You are an Angel to me as well!

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