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LOL Half the fun is that first LOUD crunchy bite!


That's what I'm sayin..


HOLY CRAP no way! You won't believe this... I CHEW LOUDLY! I've never known WHY either! I keep my mouth closed, my lips don't even PART when I'm eating except to allow more food to enter. It's bizarre. I was once eating potato chips and my cousin WOKE UP and told me "You're so fucking loud! I always hated that about you!" and went back to sleep. She claims she doesn't remember saying that. Isn't that terrible? Can Angel do seminars on this quiet chewing stuff? Because I'm in desperate need of some pointers considering my chewing is so ear-splitting it wakes people out of their slumber.



You are too funny. LMAO. I will let Angel know your thoughts. I am still disputing the LOUD thing. I am conceding with "I begin loudly and soften often time."

Actually, that's probably true of me in all areas of life. LOL. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

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