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I wish they would do a study involving people with "Fibro" and test them all for lyme. I've got all the classic "Fibro" traits. Darn near everyone I know with Lyme Disease, at one point or another has had the diagnosis. The funniest appointment I ever had was with a Neurologist. He said I had Fibromylagia. I said,
"Where did it originate, do you think?"
He said, "Well, from your original lyme infection."
And I said, "Doesn't Fibromyalgia mean 'pain of unknown origin,' Doc?"
He said, "Yes."
"Well, that makes no sense. You know the origin of mine."

Debbie Semarge

I sure hope they get something figured out.. I just hate it that you are going through this. I love you my baby sister..


I asked a similar question and was told it starts from unresolved trauma in the body (psychological and physical). Cardiologist didn't discount Lyme, mentioned to the PA I might have this on top of it. UUUGH. It's just so maddening.

He also asked if I'd been tested for Lupus. Does this circle ever end?


Thanks, Deb. Love you too. :)

Robyn Barnes

Can't imagine how frustrating all the over-lap must be. Is it worth trying the meds to see if they will help your sympotoms, even though it might be from lyme, not fibromyalgia? Hope it helps in some way!


Thanks, Robyn. Yes...I agree. Anything is worth a shot. They haven't prescribed or officially diagnosed yet. Depending on the heart tests and pending MRI, they will decide what to do next. Thanks for checking in and sending good thoughts. Miss you! XOXOX

crystal trinboli

fibro as pertains to my life is brought on by fatigue. yes ive had a bloodtest and then went to a RA specialist. so it is in the auto immune family of illnesses. so I do have this condition. for me all the sudden I feel Like Ive been hit by A mack truck. aches pains stinging tendoins bone joint so i drink milk luke warm.

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