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Bambi L Albert

I didn't like that first cane either, but it sure beats screaming, "I've fallen and I can't get up"


Yea...definitely not fun, but it sure beats the alternative. Trying to explain to people WHAT was happening was the worst part. Makes me want to wear a sign or something.

Sue from bc

Amazing what we persevere through when others would collapse and cry out for help. We the long sick struggle to make it to the car, the couch or bed. Home is safe, we must get there no matter what. Rubber legs, screaming joints, it does not matter, we have to do what we have to do and that is it.

Only another Lymie could relate I suspect.


Aw girl...I'm so sorry that happened :(

I know it must've been awful and scary, but when I read your title, I was thinking you passed out. Scared me to death!


Yea...Pam. It could have totally been worse. Passing out or seizing on that concrete would be a very bad idea. Makes me wonder how people with Epilepsy handle it or other conditions that produce random debilitating symptoms handle it.

For 9 months, I've had virtually no leg pain at all (at least not the joint kind). For the last three days, my legs have been failing me and just getting worse.

To be clear, my biggest fear isn't falling down in public. It's not being able to take care of myself and I am slowly starting to see that happen.

Sue's right...it is amazing. Amazingly sad, scary, and unbelievable. Love you guys. Thanks for reading.


Just reading this, I started to cry. Sorry this happened to you. Thinking of you lots.


:( As bad as it is to flop to the ground with witnesses (and you know me, I'm perfectly capable of landing flat on my face without much reason- and I do it fairly often as you well know), I'm glad there were people around to help you, even if they fluttered and talked around you.

love you kiddo!


I remember when this first started happening to me. The first few times is the worst. I'm sorry you had to go through it. One time my knees gave out in a clothing section of a store and down I went, between the racks. No one could see me until a lady stepped on my hand and I shrieked. I think she was more scared than I was!

I'm glad it wasn't a seizure. I have seizures from the Lyme and they have happened in public a few times. luckily, I have had a family member there to deal with people for me.

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