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As always, you inspire me! Love you girl!

P.S. I might have to try some of those pajama jeans. :p

Alter Everything

IF you do, I want a picture. Funniest thing EVER!!! I love infomercials!


I'll be sure to send a butt shot, so you can see how well they lift and shape. What woman doesn't dream of something like that?


I totally want to try them. But I won't spend 40 dollars on them haha

Alter Everything



I really your blog in general, but particularly this post. You have a wonderful attitude towards Lyme. If only all Lyme and non-Lyme people could see life this positively!

I have been musing on Lyme lately (I'm non-Lyme) and would love for you to read my posts if you haven't already and to offer your thoughts. They are at:
Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!

Alter Everything

Kat, Thanks so much for directing me to your site. I LOVED your posts...start to finish. Tried to comment a couple of times, but think I deleted it or messed it up or something...so decided to write back here.

Lyme is a HUGE problem...not just for Pete, not just for me, but for society in general. It breaks my heart to think how many people out there right now who are suffering and don't even know why. And, without intervention, without training, without awareness, it's just going to get worse. Thanks for doing your part to raise awareness and understanding. Pete is SOOOO lucky to have you and so is the rest of the Lyme community.


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