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I love this story! Thanks for sharing!


Kathy, This is the best story, ever! I love it!

Kathryn Thorne

You, my dear, are a hoot!! And I love Lymesters w/a sense of humor like me! Kathryn is my name and crazeee is my game! That's my story & I'm sticking to it!!


Glad it made you smile, Kathryn. :) I'll be sure to tell EP you were laughing with him (not at him). He can be VERY sensitive. xoxox


What a wonderful story! I happen to be an opossum lover to the extreme. I used to be a wildlife rehabber and rehabbed many of these guys and set them free. But, I have been lucky enough to have 2 non-releasable opossums in my life. They lived with me indoors and were absolutely fabulous creatures. The funny part, is that knowing these creatures so well, I can TOTALLY see the easter opossum!


LOL Diane. We love animals. I can't tell you how many turtles, squirrels, possums, dogs, and cats we've rescued. Rehabbing is very demanding work...which means you must be saint if you've done it so dutifully.

Now that you know about EP, I can't wait to see what he brings you next year!!! Very exciting.

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