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We will get better, we will kick this thing, we will have a life again!!! Love you!!!


You wrote:
"Finally, I found a MD/ND (and Internal Medicine and a Licensed Naturopathic Physician) who would listen. 

He read all two-pages of my symptoms and held my hand. 

I cried the entire time. "

Wow, this brought me back to the day this very same man, who was the first to FINALLY listen to me, reached his hand out and said, "I will walk you through this and hold your hand. I will help you get back to your job you love." And I clomped to the floor and cried like a baby. Just being listened to and heard and treated like a human being was worth gold.

You're gonna beat this. I just know you are.


Cindy and Pam, Thanks for reading. Even though I know you are both going through your own journeys, it never ceases to amaze me how much you support mine. I would be lost without my Lymie friends. Thank you for understanding and loving me.

I can only imagine how many people have wept in that office...

Lynn Garcia

Thank you for words, I feel like I am reading my own diary but ( but much better written. ).


I'm so proud of you for opening up more here. You're such an inspiration to many people. Love you, Kathy!


You are such a strong person my dear, and a total inspiration. I love your positive attitude, and lack of bitterness. That is amazing. I will be rooting for you!


This is a beautiful post!


Thank you for sharing your story, I understand how painful it is to do, and often so long we are too exhausted to tell all. I relate to the feeling of a slow death, it is exactly how I feel. It is like a puzzle in a box wanting to come together, make some sense of this all, but it never does! I too suffer with Chronic Lyme, my first bite/infection began when I was just a child. It is now over 25 years later and I am still sick. Maybe on my blog I will share my story, you have inspired me. <3 I send positive thoughts for healing and love to surround you always.

Alter Everything

Thanks for reading, Deb. Sometimes I wonder if I share too much, but the internet SAVED my life in the beginning. If I can help one more person feel less alone or know what's happening to them, it's worth it to me.

Would love to hear your story when you write it. Will you send me a link???

Love to you as you heal....

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