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Just found your blog recently and have been reading. I can understand your rage at the stupid fish guy...but the store couldn't care less it seems. Yeesh.

Good thing you saw him or you would be one sick girlie today!



Wow Kathy! That is totally a day in my life! It really sucks that some people are complete fucktards (pardon my foul language). Maybe it's my germophobe side coming out, but it's just plain common sense to avoid cross-contamination. If it were me I'd likely have gone "Ally McBeal" on them. Maybe next time you should try that-just to see if they jump through hoops for you. Of course, I REALLY hope there is not a next time. Glad to hear that massage was helpful! :) Hope Friday is good to you!

Love ya girl!


Where's the dancing baby when you need it?!? Oh kitten, that completely sucks. Whole Foods should pay for Kathy McBeal's recovery massage! PS Kar will be so delighted to see the shoes in the pic above. I wish I could make you smile and not hurt. Perhaps a venue will take away a little misery. Still working :) on it... it WILL happen. I love you.

Kathy Tagudin

Thanks for reading, Mo. Glad to have you around. Fortunately, today's a MUCH better day (thanks E and L). You guys sure make being sick a whole lot more bearable. Happy Friday!

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