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Joe Peters

OMG Kathy --- I remember Pechin's too. Just last summer my sister & I were explaining it to her neighbors. We laughed & laughed --- everything you described is on point --- but I think there was a bridge too that when over a creek IN THE STORE! Beside the grocery store --- wasn't there a store with cheap shoes / golf clubs too? Crazy!!

I have been following your blog --- I love you so much. Western PA made us friends --- a friendship I hold very dear to my heart. If you ever need to get away --- you are welcome here anytime!!!

Thanks for making me smile today.

Love you,
Joe Peters

Kathy Tagudin

Funny the stuff you appreciate when you grow up. Are we getting old? Love you buddy...almost as much as Ice Castles, The Dairy Barn, Midget Football games, Ms. Pac Man, and McDonalds Soft Serve.


Hi Kathy!

I want to say that your blog is addictive and is inspiring me to think about writing my own - not sure what I'd say, but I'm sure it would come to me. I've spent several hours today trying to catch up, and I almost fell off my seat when I got to this post. Only a few hours ago, I was telling Cara and some friends today about Pechin's and the fun we used to have going there. Especially the time we embarrassed your mom! :)

I'm off to read some more...

Love ya,

Alter Everything

LOL Alan...Are you gonna feed me tonight, Mamma??? I was thinking of you when I wrote this. Thanks for reading. Miss you and hope that you are well.

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