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LOVE THIS! :)I'll be imagining this all happening for you too. Come on Universe!


I asked for $11 million.....it's true, I did....I have my personal wish list, called "My Divine Life". I created it sometime between Christmas 2010 and New Year's Day 2011...I keep it tucked away, out of sight,I just looked at it and two of the items have already manifested themselves!!!! And it's funny, until I looked at it I had forgotten that I included the items.

Oh, and as for my health....she says I am not "sick", but I am a frustrated soul, trapped. My illness and dx is due to my inner turmoil and frustration....once I become "really, really happy" I will not exhibit the symptoms I am experiencing. Those are her words.

Crazy, I know, but I'm going with it....I must have hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, so that I what I am counting on!!!!

This all stemmed from a conversation I had with an acquaintance.....she asked me what I wanted and I had no idea, I could not put my desires into words....before then I had always visualized and dreamed of intangible things like peace, hope, love. I still want all the intangibles, but I learned it is ok to ask and receive tangible items, money, also. She told me to write them down, tangible & intangible and dream BIG!!!! So, $11 million it is!!!!


Kathy Tagudin

I love 11 million. You deserve every penny of it. I wrote myself an amount I actually believe to be possible between now and December. Question? Who says you are not sick, but trapped? It's an interesting concept( I know Christiane Northrup would agree with that). I've often wondered myself if I somehow manifested this, but how does one "manifest" thickened blood, Epstein Barr, and mostly spirochetes in the body? I vacillate between "this is happening for a reason" and "shit happens." Whatever the case, it's what I'll do with it that matters.


Hey, I was looking at "My Divine Life" again.....three things have actally manifested, not just two....the Universe is averaging one a month since I wrote my future down!!! Yipppeeeee!!!

Oh....and just so you know, we will be having an AMAZING baby shower!!!!


So beautiful. Can't wait to be here as it comes to fruition!

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