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It is a great opportunity to take control and be good to your body! Thankfully I am WAY across the pond. So, if I were accidentally quote you when you felt like crap, I wouldn't have a black eye. :p

Hope you continue to have good days for a long time! You deserve it!


Kathy, Love this, as I do all of your blogs...and I vacilate from wondering is this, is Lyme a blessing or a curse....when I am havinga good day I am grateful for all the knowledge, freindships and comraderie I experience....on a bad day, like today, I am pissed off, mad at the entire world, feeling like crap and in tears because I cannot figure out what I did or did not do to bring this into my life.....yep, today is one of those days I might punch someone if they told me Lyme was an "opportunity".

Kathy Tagudin

Awww Cindy. I am so sorry you are having a rough day. I think any person who's struggles with chronic illness for any length of time can relate to what you are saying. Some days, it's empowering me to think of Lyme as a blessing (gets me through the rough nights, makes me grateful for what I have, inspires me to make a difference). Other days, it empowers me to feel like a victim (gets me mad, puts me in action, bolsters my determination). The one thing I know for sure, resisting how I feel--positive or negative--never does anything, but make me miserable. If you need to punch, punch. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to talk, call me. I love you and I'm here for you.


Kathy: You have courage. I love you.

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