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Kathy Sheridan

My brother had this tick borne disease when he was on the Cape. http://www.aldf.com/Babesiosis.shtml He was so sick and felt crazy because he was depressed, no energy, hurting. A doctor there figured it out because others had gotten it there as well...he was lucky, many go undiagnosed for years...his was 5 months....make sure you have been checked for it!
I love your sense of humor and check in on your daily. Come to Chicago!...well wait until it is warmer :) Kathy

Kathy Tagudin

Thanks, Kathy. Yea...ticks can harbor tons of diseases and bacteria. I'm being tested for all of them.

Lucy Medford

Thank you, Kathy, for doing this! I wish I had discovered it a long time ago. I was diagnosed with Lyme's several years ago. Your symptoms sound way worse than mine, but similar. Sometimes I feel like I'm crazy because it seems like in the medical world this disease doesn't exist and they don't know what to do for it. The (alternative) dr I saw said I've probably had it since age 16. I spent 2 years doing alternative healing and it has made a big difference, but now I'm seeing new things....the wierd rash comment you made rang true for me. I'm going to read your blog as you inspire me.

Kathy Tagudin

Thanks for reading, Lucy. Glad it's making a difference. I'm sure you probably did, but when you were diagnosed did you go to a Lyme Literate Doctor???? If not, I would definitely recommend it. Another thing that has been really interesting to learn is a lot of "symptoms" people experience aren't necessarily caused by the disease itself, but by co-infections (babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, bartonella, mycoplasma, STARI, tularemia). So, depending what else is going on in your body (or was at the time), your symptoms could definitely vary. If you need any support, let me know.

FYI: Whether I have Lyme or something else, it seems like eating a yeast free diet is really making a difference for me. Perhaps it could for you too?


I appreciate reading your posts, my friend just introduced me to it. I was a little disheartened when I read another entry in which you asked "is fibromyalgia even real?" As someone with it, I can assure you it is. Your blog is helping me a lot, and it helps me to see others share the same feelings as I do. I haven't gotten through all of your blog posts yet. I just felt the need to say something because I deal with people thinking fibromyalgia isn't real everyday, and it's maddening.


Thanks AnnMarie...I appreciate your feedback and sorry you felt slighted and can understand why.

My questioning of Fibromyalgia is not whether people are suffering are not. I am going to clarify that in my post so people get it.

I have no doubt the pain you are in and I am is TOTALLY real. I just wonder if Fibromyalgia the symptom of bigger things or the true problem.

I don't know how much you have yet, but I am suspected of having Lyme. Which noone believes either. So I get the total annoyance and the pain of it.

Thank you for reading and for your honest feedback. My goal is to further our conversation...not hinder it. So again, please accept my apology if you felt dismissed or slighted. That was not at ALL the intention.

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