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I love it....so glas I got to see it up close and personal yesterday....lol!!! We can add this to our contest list!!!! Everyone has to turn in a picture of their "Sign of Lyme". Ohhhh and is that Jesus on the dogs butt??? Never saw that one before. Now who studied that dog's butt long enough to see Jesus??? How did they get the dog to stand still long enough to make out the illusion??? Is it really an illusion??? And what kind of dog is that??? A Jesus Terrier??? Lol!!! Or should I say woof!!!

Kathy Tagudin

I LOVE the idea of everyone turning in a picture. Please, though, no more dog butts. If you look long enough though...it is interesting.


Absolutely LOVE IT!

Kathy Tagudin

You would, Kat. Love you!

Lynn Garcia

It is giving a sad face on the middle finger ,,, yes it is mad and it saying F Lyme disease :).

Kathy Tagudin

Yea...It's funny one of the first places that I physically could tell something was going on with me was in my nails. They are completely different now. Gonna post about that one day. Now, every time I look down, it's with a mixture of sadness and amusement. I'm clear, my body doesn't like Lyme (or whatever this is). It also I'm clear I am not giving in without a fight.


Just noticed I have some smiley faces on my finger nails... that's weird! Three to be exact, and one has a nose. :) Sorry your finger is pissed... and more sorry that you're battling Lyme. Love you!

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