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Lynn Garcia

thanks for coming, sharing and you are always welcome! We are always exhausted after a meeting but it is a good time, and we can share so much !!

Kathy Tagudin

Lynn, I loved meeting you!!! Your energy is infectious and you rock a pic line. Hopefully the only "sand" we'll be feeling soon will be from a beach trip. Please stay in touch. xoxoxo


Ok....so I'm crying....lol...somehow seeing "us" in type makes it "real", surreal...wow...we are all connected....I cannot wait for the day when it becomes clear, why this has brought us together and why.....my parents have always said one of the first words I spoke was "Why?".....so it is engrained(or learned) to my cellular level. Kathy, Thank you for capturing our gathering so simplistically however, completely!!!


Wait a minute....where did you get gluten free corn chips????? lol!!!

Kathy Tagudin

Thanks, Cindy.

You know what I love most about you???? You absolutely ooze sweetness and love. Seriously, I think it lives in your pores.

I'll never forget that you were the first person to welcome me on the message board and reach out (and I was REALLY needed it that night). With your help, I got I wasn't alone (especially since we could message back and forth at 3 in the morning..lol).

Can't wait to share more laughs and good times to come.


Kathy Tagudin

Most tortilla chips are gluten free so I am HOPING that this was the case with these ones. :) If not, chalk it up to creative interpretation.


Awww, Kathy, that is a delightful compliment...thank you!!!! I am so pleased that we connected at a time you needed it most....funny how that happens...my philosophy is "there a no mistakes"!!!! And yes....we will share more and more laughs...I cannot talk or breath without laughing....hee, hee....It would be like telling me not to exist!!! :-)

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