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10 days into oil pulling, results are still inconclusive.

Immediately, I noticed a TON of mucous draining from my head and throat.

Days 2-4 I felt extremely flu like...and lots of weird things started happening: A cold sore started (I n...ever get cold sores), bumps, like chicken skin, sprouted under my chin and along my throat. This can be a sign of detoxing...which is good. Keep in mind, I have also eliminated yeast (sugar, flour, dairy) from of my diet so this could also be related.

Days 5-7 I felt the best I've felt in months.

Today, I am EXTREMELY sick with a raging headache and an icky white tongue.

Interestingly enough, I also started feeding my dog coconut oil at the same time, as I suspect she has a yeast overgrowth. Her itching has decreased dramatically and she even seems to self-regulate her consumption of it. Days 1-6 she gobbled it up like a treat. Days 7-8 she refused to eat it. Days 9-10 she's loving (begging) for it again.



I came across your website when I was on the internet! It was interesting to read how you started "oil pulling" with coconut oil! I've been doing "oil pulling" for a couple months "off & on"! I've had the same symptoms as you did! I had to stop awhile tho' because I'd get the worst stomach cramps and the "runs"! It must have been the detoxing working and cleaning out the "bad stuff" from my intestines?! The coconut oil made me feel more "light, carefree with a happy feeling" so maybe it has that effect too! I feel thinner too! I'll give my tummy a rest for a while--ha!!- then start oil pulling again! Just wanted to let you know what my symtoms were! Hope your dog is feeling better too! ;-)


just stumbled across this site while researching oil pulling. So, what happened? The last line of the post from 4/26/11 says you felt sick. Did you improve? How is your dog? I want to use this method to prevent gum disease because I have the beginnings of it. And I have a dog who has very itchy skin and hate going to the vet for medications when I am sure something can be done nutritionally. Problem is, I can't get solid advice about what to do for her. Therefore, I am very very interested in trying this and would love to know the outcome for you and your dog. Thanks. Gina

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