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Kathy Sheridan

First, I got the CD of the video you made me...thank you so much. If anyone here has not tried to make an altered book, Kathy made a video that is just perfect in helping you figure out what you need and how to do it! I made a couple of books already and had the best time.

Then, I came to this blog and saw how she made the video and taught me a new skill, despite being sick...and...she never even let on! So, brave and strong are certainly good descriptors of Kathy, besides amazingly creative and artistic.

As for the yeast thingy...I was overrun with it 3 years ago and experienced so many crazy and unusual symptoms...I thought I was going crazy. It was amazing what happened when i was able to get rid of the yeast. Many other symptoms then fell into place and I was able to heal. To get rid of the yeast I used traditional medicines...pills and a swish and swallow medicine...and they really did the trick. But, I love the idea of trying holistic medicines as well, I just needed the quicker fix with the traditional meds. They literally sloughed off and came out of my system like I had gone to war with them (which I had :) ...).

You are on the right path Kathy...I can tell by reading about your journey. You will get better and your body will realign itself...remember...systems actually like homeostasis...they gravitate to it. Your body will get back to itself. Hang in there Kathy, I'll remember you in my yoga/meditation practice today! Kathy

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