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Amy Anderson

Murph!! I'm so sorry to read about this, but so glad you are letting the truth out. Holding fear inside will only make you sicker. I know you know this. I'm here for you and please call anytime. You know that I am an open book and I am always here to hear what you have to say. I miss you, I love you, I'm concerned about you, I love you.

Dana A. Clary

Kathy - I am moved to tears...I see so much ME in YOU and am moved by your vulnerability to share yourself! Thank you for sharing this beautiful blog of your life...and thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL drawings!! Last year, I wrote a 7 month journal of my own journey and shared it with no one (and "said" I'd share it with others)...I get the differece it makes to open your heart and let others in through YOUR sharing!! I have been "concerned" about you AND, allowed myself to honor some story like "she wants to be left alone, let her have that"...um, okay...that has nothing to do with honoring MY word to let people know they are loved and cared about...so Kathy...YOU are loved and cared about...and, I am confident, you will prevail over your health setbacks...I hear your committment to "be" healthy! You are amazing!!

M Antal

I love you my friend and am heartbroken you are going through this. I too know you will get through, rise above and be better, stronger for it. Please know I am here for you! Please do not hesitate to call, stop by, text, email...I want to help! I promise to be a better friend and be in touch as well. I too figured you were just busy and regret not reaching out sooner. I love you to pieces, my friend. You have always been such an inspiration to me. Heal quickly! Life is waiting for you.

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