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YAY! And you found swerve! Where was it? Can't wait to try these. I need to pick up some ingredients first. :) Did Angel like them?

Kathy Tagudin

Angel LOVED them. Just ate another one. :) Seriously, if you like pumpkin, you've got to try it. You could sell these babies. Got Swerve at Chamberlains. It's VERY expensive, but "supposedly" healthy (might be cheaper for long term use to order on Amazon). Also very low on the glycemic index...safe for yeast free and diabetics. I am also looking at something called palm sugar...made from coconut It does have some natural sugar, but it's even lower than Agave and honey...which is pretty good.


Totally stoked to try this out myself, and I've got no food restrictions. Thanks for sharing Kat!

Kathy Tagudin

It's really good, Kat (although not as good as your brownies..lol). You're going to love it!


Yum! Those look and sound sooo good! Now, I wonder, where in Denmark I might be able to find some pumpkin and carob chips.

Kathy Tagudin

What???? No canned pumpkin in Denmark??? Say it ain't so. I don't think I could stand it. As for carob, if you can have chocolate (I just can't because of caffeine and sugar), you can use semi-sweet baking chips instead.


Hey Kathy! We've not met, but Angel photographed my wedding to John, here in New Orleans. :D

Thank-you so much for this recipe! I was, just last night, asking John wtf we were gonna do with the two good-sized pumpkins he bought off a dude in the street the other day.

No, wait: thats not true. It was the other night. The other night, as we were trying to pull up in front of our house, a man was pushing a wobbly shopping cart, piled high with pumpkins, down our bumpy old road. Cursing aloud. John got up and bought 2. "It's a good deal!", he said.

So, now I have to make a load of cookies, it seems. :) THIS IS KISMET-STYLE TIMING.

Kathy Tagudin

Thanks for writing, Marla (and for giving Angel so much support and love). I've heard all about you and seen your photos. There's one particular one of you I just LOVE right before your ceremony. Your face has the most beautiful expression...completely natural and unique. Anyhow, thrilled to provide the pumpkin aid. Can you please send over the rickety man with the cart??? I am currently hoarding cans from Whole Foods. Running out of these cookies or that pudding would be a crime.
Stay Well!

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