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Wow! I don't think I could have been half as strong as you were, in that situation.

Kathy Tagudin

Thanks, Laina. It's interesting. It wasn't strength; it was preservation. I need to stay calm today. I need to heal. I need to have energy for the two friends who are coming over to be with me this afternoon. It got me thinking, so often I let the actions of others control what I do: if I get mad, if I leave, if I make them pay, etc. It was a breakthrough for me to see I had a choice in that situation rather than reacting (avoiding or confronting). It really was an expression of me living into my new Law...that I would be good.

Love you...


next time, you can preserve while I rattle some cages :) I love you for taking care of you. I love me for beating up those that stand in your way. LOL. xoxo

Kathy Tagudin

Received some feedback via a person on a message board today. They were REALLY bothered by the phrase "large naked women" in this piece.

"Is it less annoying when you are surrounded by thin naked women? It's a public sauna. Women of all sizes have the right to use it even if you find their bodies unappealing."

Just to clarify, as I told them, I didn't mean large as in fat (If you know me, you know I am actually quite chunky myself...just short). I meant large as in looming and encompassing. It is a very small space and it feels every more so when it's full. Anyway, just wanted to set the record straight. I love and respect people of all sizes and am VERY sorry if you or anyone else felt offended.

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